Create a shining time with Tonsda’s collection of chandeliers. Find your perfect moments with amazing materials like crystals, glass, brass, and steel. Light your space from above with Tonsda’s beauty chandelier collection.

round chandelier in living room
art deco pendant lights


Illuminate your room in style with Tonsda’s pendant lights. Our impeccable selection of hanging lights comes in a variety of sizes, finishes, and shapes to ensure your choice seamlessly into any space of your home.


Tonsda’s selection of modern ceiling lamps artfully combines light and space to set the tone, mood, and illumination. Update your abode with unexpected glow-getters.



Created from the idea of stripping a design down to its essentials, the Tonsda Wall Lamp is a simple, functional design that brings careful attention to the subtlety of details. Offering direct as well as ambient light.


Table lamps are the easiest way to update a room and can fit into almost any space. Tonsda has a chic selection of lamps perfect for your different tastes. Explore our collection of traditional to give extra sparkle.

simple table lamp

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